GRBLDuino Uno and Servo control

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GRBLDuino Uno and Servo control


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I'm working on a GRBL CNC with attachments to use as a needle cutter as well as a pen plotter. I spent awhile considering how to make a lightweight z-axis with a stepper motor, but now I'm more inclined to just use a servo to control the limited lift needed for a needle cutter and pen plotter.

I found a modification of the GRBL 1.1g firmware that enables servo control. This takes advantage of the spindle PWM control in GRBL 1.1. I just want to be sure I have a correct understanding of the pins and terminals in the GRBLDuino Uno board before I wire things up. GRBL 1.1 uses pin D11 to send the PWM signal to the spindle. Does this correspond to the Spindle Speed terminal on the GRBLDuino Shield (specifically, 5th terminal from the left in this picture)?
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Re: GRBLDuino Uno and Servo control


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The complete pin out can be seen here.

D11 is connected to the spindle speed terminal and the signal pin is the 5th one just like you expect. The other pin in that pair is a ground connection.
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