GRBLDuino with Arduino Due & G2core control system

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GRBLDuino with Arduino Due & G2core control system


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I'm thinking about using -- as the Subject says -- an Arduino Due with the G2core control firmware to implement a 6-axis CNC based on a Shapeoko 3 CNC machine. In other words, replace the Shapeoko's GRBL 1.1 and 3-axis control board with something much more capable with higher performance.

The Due has the same form factor as the Mega 2560. I have both boards and have interchanged them in experimental projects occasionally. The Mega is only 8-bit but the Due is ARM 32-bit and waaaay faster for computing floating point.

Details regarding G2core can be found at:

Should be doable as far as I can see. What do you think?

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Re: GRBLDuino with Arduino Due & G2core control system


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Although the form factor is the same for the Mega and DUE, the pinouts are different between g2 and 4 axis version of GRBL which is what causes the issues. Comparing the g2 DUE pinout with the Mega Shield pinout, there are quite a few differences in the pin functions/assignments.

There may be some chance of using a custom board/machine profile to correct this as described here: ... te-Pinouts. I have no experience with g2 so I can't offer any information beyond what can be read on those pages. It's not something I have the free time to work on right now but I can look into it as a future project.
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Re: GRBLDuino with Arduino Due & G2core control system


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